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Frequently Asked Questions

How can Plan afford to offer such low priced special offers?

Due to the bulk purchase prices that Plan negotiates, large discounts are often given thus reducing the initial cost and monthly rentals payable. These savings are simply passed onto our customers, but you have to be quick, because they don’t last long!

How do I benefit from using Plan rather than using a main dealer?

Basically, we will offer you a much wider range of products and services. Our association with the industries leading brands and relationships with all UK vehicle manufacturers mean that we will provide totally independent and expert advice – an un-bias service. A main dealer will only offer their products with salesmen usually only trained to offer one type of finance. A finance company will only offer their own funding options, which may not cover every available avenue. If you are a private individual you will receive the discounts usually only available to big fleet customers. We have the ability to provide a solution to suit you!

Who pays for the road tax?

Road tax is normally included within a lease agreement monthly payment, saving you hundreds each year. If it isn’t included we will make this clear before order.

Why do some prestige models cost less to finance per month than some cars which cost less to buy?

The monthly rentals payable are calculated considering many factors. These include the purchase price, the mileage agreed and the future predicted value of the vehicle (residual value). If the residual value of certain cars is far higher than others in its class, despite the fact that the purchase price may be higher the monthly rentals may be lower.

What happens if I do more miles than I'm Contracted for?

Contract Hire – Excess charge

Finance Lease – n/a

Contract Purchase – Excess charged

PCP – Excess charge only if car handed back at end of lease

Hire Purchase – n/a

Personal Lease – Excess charged

Outright Purchase – n/a

Who owns the car at the end of the agreement?

Contract Hire – Finance company

Finance Lease – Finance company

Contract Purchase – Optional

PCP – Optional

Lease Purchase – Leasee

Hire Purchase – Leasee

Personal Lease – Finance company

Outright Purchase – n/a

What lengths of contracts are available?

Contract Hire – 12/60 months

Finance Lease – 12/60 months

Contract Purchase – 12/48 months

PCP - 12/48 months

Lease Purchase - 12/60 months

Hire Purchase – 12/60 months

Personal Lease – 12 /60 months

Outright Purchase - n/a

Who is responsible for servicing and maintenance of the car?

This is the customers your responsibility. Although you can include Plan Solus into your monthly payments - one call to our freephone number and we arrange everything for you! All servicing and maintenance is handled with minimal interuption to your day.

Do I have to have the car serviced by a main dealer?

Its your choice, with a lease vehicle or a vehicle within its warranty period its very imporotant that genuine parts are used and service book is always stamped. Only exception seems to be Mercedes – you lose their manufacturer breakdown cover if services are not performed by a Mercedes dealer but thsi wouldnt be an issue if you had Plan Solus maintenance cover included within your monthly payments