VW Golf Dimensions & Boot Size Guide 2019
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VW Golf Dimensions Guide 2019

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Our new guide reviews the 2019 VW Golf boot size, space, length, width + much more for you.

Size Guide

The VW Golf is one of the most popular family cars around. Whether you’re thinking about buying or leasing one, it’s a great choice. It’s one of the best all round cars on the market, but what’s the space and storage like? How big is the boot in the Golf? My wife and I took one out for a drive on our family day to find out.

Fun facts:

– How big is the VW Golf boot? 1270 litres (rear seats down) and 380 litres (rear seats up).

– What’s the length of a VW Golf? 4258mm.

One of the Things We Loved

One of the things we love about the VW Golf is that it’s quite a spacious car. As well as having enough space for 4 adults, it has lots of handy small storage inside. There is a good size boot, but cars such as the Octavia and Civic provide even more. However, we think the Golf is a better car, so the smaller boot is worth it. Oh, and a cool feature of the Golf more than makes up for the smaller boot (full details below!).

Inside Space

In the front: During our time with the Golf we found it really comfortable to drive. Due to the handy height adjustable seats in the front, you won’t have any issues seeing over the steering wheel.

It’s a great quality of life feature, especially if you’re not the tallest person in the world. In addition, you can adjust the steering wheel up and down + in and out.

In the back: After recently testing a Ford Focus we were interested to see what the rear space was like in the Golf. We thought there was more leg and head room than the Focus.

A minus for us though was the foot space for the back middle passenger. This is due to the hump being right in the middle of the foot space. We loved the windows. They’re nice and big. These give a good feeling of space which will be ideal for longer journeys.

As with most cars aimed at families, the Golf inside finish is a bit cheap. We went with the 5 door version, due to needing easy access for our baby seat.

Inside Features & Storage

As we mentioned at the start, there is lots of handy storage inside the Golf. Our primary use of the car is for school runs and days out. The extra places to hide bits away was a god send. All open nice and smoothly too.

In our opinion, Volkswagen hits the ball out of the park with the basics. Especially with inner storage. We were really impressed with the door pockets which are nicely finished in felt lining. You can quite easily get a larger bottle of water and still have space to spare.

If you need somewhere to stash smaller bits, there’s storage under the armrest in the front (centre). In addition, you get a couple of holders for your cups and a little tray. All in all, very decent indeed.

There are some other handy features too. Actually, there’s lots of little things we loved. The glove box is really big. It’s also nice and cool due to the air conditioning.

We also loves features such as the vanity mirrors (which light up) and the mobile phone tray. The trays have some really handy plugs (USB & AUX). We went for a day out in the Golf and found it really enjoyable.

The Boot Space

If you’re considering leasing a Golf, but also considering a Ford Focus, it’s worth noting the Golf’s boot is bigger. By quite a lot. If that’s important to you of course. As we mentioned earlier, both the Octavia and Civic have bigger boots.

But it’s not always about basic size. The Golf makes up for its smaller size with a fab adjustable floor in the boot. We thought this was great. This basically gives you the option of two types of load area. You can either have a bigger, deep area or one that sits flush with the bumper.

In addition to the adjustable floor, there’s more cool features too. As well as a 12v power socket there’s hooks for your shopping and tethers on the floor for heavier bits. We took our dog with us on our day out and found it easy getting her in (and out).

VW Golf Size & Dimensions

The following table shows the dimensions for the exterior Golf S, SE, SE Nav, GT & R-Line. As well as length, height & width, we show the wheelbase and turning circle.

Length 4258mm
Width (not inc mirrors) 1790 to 1799mm
Width (inc mirrors) 2027mm
Height 1492mm
Height (with boot open) 2006mm
Wheelbase 2620mm
Turning Circle 10.9 Metres
The following table shows the dimensions for the interior Golf S, SE, SE Nav, GT & R-Line. As well as width and headroom, we show the VW Golf boot space.
Width (front) 1469mm
Width (back) 1440mm
Boot Space (rear seats up) 380 litres
Boot Space (rear seats down) 1270 litres
Headroom (front) 1018mm
Headroom (Back) 967mm


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