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Fiat 500 Hatchback Special Editions

1.0 Mild Hybrid Launch Edition 3dr

Personal Lease

from £139.61pm inc VAT

Business Lease

from £116.35pm exc VAT

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Mitsubishi L200 Diesel

Double Cab DI-D 178 Barbarian 4WD

Contract Hire

from £184.07pm exc VAT

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Mercedes Benz A Class Hatchback

A200 AMG Line 5dr Auto

Personal Lease

from £249.81pm inc VAT

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from £208.16pm exc VAT

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Welcome to Plan Car Leasing

Welcome to the Plan Car Leasing website. How can we help you?  
For the last 20 years' we have been helping our customers save money on their new cars. Our service has come a long way since starting back in 1998. We used to just cover Essex and London but have since grown into one of the biggest lease companies. Whether you require a company car for your business or a private car for personal use, we can help.
So why use Plan and not another broker? Service, price and knowledge. 

Service: We strive to offer the best service at all times. It's something that really matters to us as a company. As you can see from our "Excellent" reviews online we offer a high level of service. But it's not just at the start. We will ensure that high level will continue all the way through your contract.

Prices: You have lots of options online, but we can match or beat any personal or business quote. This is due to the amount of cars and vans we supply every year. We have access to the UK's biggest vehicle funders and can always ensure you pay less per month. Send us an email and see how much we can save you today.

Knowledge: Service and price are both important, but we value knowledge just as much. All of our staff are highly trained with expert knowledge of cars and the industry. They can help if you're new to leasing or want to find out more about a vehicle. Most importantly, they can advise which will be the best plan for you.

- We can supply new cars all over the UK (as well as Essex and London).

- Leasing for business or personal use.

- Lots of vehicles that are in stock with quick delivery.

- All of our contracts come with free nationwide car delivery.

- Due to volume of vehicles we lease every year, we can get you a low cost contract.

- Small cars from as low as £100 to £150 per month.

- Brands such as Audi, BMW and Mercedes between £200 and £500 a month.

- We have 20+ years experience and can help you every step of the way.

- We've got an "Excellent" review rating on Trustpilot.

Cars to Lease from £100 - £150

If you are on a smaller budget, don't worry. We have lots of city cars and hatchbacks for £150 or under. If you're a business there are even contracts under £100! Some of the best cars under £150 per month include: Citroen C3, Suzuki Swift, Fiat 500, Toyota Aygo and Vauxhall Corsa.

Cars Under £150 Per Month

Lease Cars for Under £300

If you have a budget for £300 per month or under you have lots of great options. There's also lots of top cars between £200 and £250 as well. Some of the best cars in that price range include: Mini Hatch, BMW 1 Series, Audi A1 + many more.

Lease Cars Under £300 Per Month

Leasing a Car with Us

1) Start above using the "Advanced Vehicle Search" or viewing our "special offers" page.

2) Browse the lowest prices for the make and model you would like.

3) When you find a lease car you would like more details about, email us.

4) After we receive your email one of our team will reply by email or phone.

5) Our team can help guide you through the process of leasing or send the best quotes.

6) After that we can get you a formal quote and start the application process.

Trusted to Deliver